For fun and for the love I have for my neighborhood, I started a Facebook “Community Page.”  It’s called Ivywild Neighborhood – Colorado Springs.  Please check it out and consider clicking “Like.”

Sign at Tejon, Cascade, Ramona and Cheyenne Boulevard marking the neighborhood

Ivywild Neighborhood - Colorado Springs

I seeded it with about 50 photos I shot on a morning walk this week; I grouped them loosely into themes.

My primary hope is to represent the many things I love about our neighborhood.  The neighborhood is more than 100 years old; it’s got mature trees and lots of character.  We’ve got a great Indian restaurant (Little Nepal), a family pizza joint (Panino’s), a fantastic brewery (Bristol), an innovative culinary experience (Blue Star) and many other fine establishements.

My secondary hope is that neighbors, visitors, local businesses, realtors and others might start posting stories, photos, reviews and other info about my ‘hood.

We’ll see how it goes …

Visit the page here.