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Personal: Marketing strategist.  Messaging specialist.  Brand builder.  Campaign and content creator – writer, producer, editor.  Husband and father.  BA: University of Michigan.  MBA: University of Colorado – Colorado Springs.  Hiker and photographer.  Excitable and generally curious. Fresh air and clean water.


Professional: VP of Marketing at BombBomb, a software company that helps people in all kinds of businesses and industries communicate more clearly, connect more effectively, and convert at a higher rate through simple video messages. Prior to that: more than a dozen years running marketing for local television stations on-air and online.


Important: WildernessNational Parks and MonumentsState parksOpen spaces.


Cities: Colorado Springs, CO (current).  Grand Rapids, MI (hometown).  Chicago, IL (love).


  1. Chris Cornog

    Hello… What’s involved in using one or two of your photos of Cheesman Dam in a client’s newsletter. Happy to recognize you, and pay a fee if it’s not too steep… up to $150. I know they’re worth more than that, but I don’t really have a stock budget. Let me know (I’m putting the article together now, 7/20). Chris

  2. Ethan Beute

    Thanks for the email – perfect. Thanks so much for checking out my Flickr site and for respecting the rights!

  3. Freddy

    what do you mean as Chief Evangelist on your email signature?

  4. Ethan Beute

    Hey, Freddy! Great question. And thank you for asking. Here’s the story of how it came to be:

    In short: evangelism in a business context involves learning, practicing, teaching, and building community around the problem you solve, not the product you sell.

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