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  1. Mama Kate

    Hey E Nice web address and interesting, too. Can’t wait to play the game of Life in CS. Soon!

  2. Seth Beute

    Hi Eth, I enjoy your writing on the various outlets. I thought I should type up a note since I never tell you we we talk. 🙂

  3. Mandy Oliver

    Hey E
    Checking out your site, very cool stuff here.

  4. Ethan Beute

    Thanks everyone, for checking in. Good to have you all!

  5. Tami Urbanek

    Given your concern for the environment, have you heard of chemtrails and how they are different from contrails? A small group is having a peaceful demonstration in Colorado Springs for Anti-Chemtrail Day at the Shops at Briargate today at 11am. Many people think it is a conspiracy theory, however a lot of evidence points to the contrary. I attached a youtube video of a weatherman talking about the military dropping chemicals in the atmosphere to cover up radar. On youtube, there are a few more weatherman stating the same thing. A new documentary has just been released: What in the World Are They Spraying?

  6. Tami Urbanek

    Not sure if it attached:

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