Music has once again restored my faith in humanity, which happens on occasion.  The right recording at the right place at the right time can provide transcendence from the moment, from the ills, from the weights.

Beautiful, heterogeneous, smart, messy, multi-layered, demanding, colorful, complex.  I could go on.

These are things that I found a couple afternoons back in an album crafted by a collective of more than a dozen humans.

They’re also things I enjoy and appreciate in my life, in my family and in my friends.

Rightfully, the title of the album is “You Forgot It In People.”

Broken Social Scene, You Forgot It In People, Arts and Crafts, musicians, band photo

You Forgot It In People” is a 2002 album from Canadian indie pop/rock outfit Broken Social Scene on the Arts and Crafts label.

I’m grateful for humans who have the courage to pursue artistic and creative careers.  They’re vital to our transcendent moments.