We subscribe to the Netflix streaming service. We use the Wii console to access an interface to stream movies and television shows.


But … we’ve not watched anything on Netflix in a while. We’ve been watching less television generally and less Netflix specifically. The holidays. Library books. A return to our box set of the entire Six Feet Under series. They all conspired toward this result.


So what did Netflix do about it?  They sent this …


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There’s nothing remarkable going on here, but it’s simple, smart email marketing.  Related facts and assumptions:


  • They have our email address.
  • They know which shows we’ve watched (we watched Portlandia season 1 (maybe twice)).
  • They know how much we watch.
  • They know how long it’s been since we last logged in.
  • They know what kind of flight risk we are based on that period.
  • They want us to re-engage in the streaming service.


So, it’s a retention play based on our viewing habits.  The call to action is to log in and start watching.


In a related story, we started watching season 2 of Portlandia this week …