I strongly encourage you to vote yes on 1A. The video below helps explain why.

The Taxpayer Bill Of Rights, a 1992 amendment to Colorado’s Constitution, is an interesting monster.

One of its consequences is that “excess revenues” may either be returned to the taxpayers or directed toward a specific, voted-upon project.

This October by mail-in ballot or on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at your local polling place, you can direct what would otherwise be an $8.41 credit on your property tax bill to help El Paso County parks, trails, open spaces, nature centers, and fairgrounds.

This is not a new tax. The use of funds is already outlined here. The goal is to maintain what we already have, make good on promises of regional parks, and recover a bit from the floods and fires of the past couple summers.

This is an easy way to support our parks for the benefit of people, nature, and the economy throughout El Paso County.

Vote Yes for Parks

Parks to Benefit from 1A

Pineries Open Space (Black Forest)
Elephant Rock Open Space (Palmer Lake)
County Fairgrounds (Calhan)
Falcon Regional Park (Falcon)
Bear Creek Regional Park (Colorado Springs)
Black Forest Regional Park (Black Forest)
Ute Pass Regional Trail (Manitou Springs/Cascade)
Jones Park (Colorado Springs)
Wedgewood Farms Open Space (Fountain)
Kane Ranch Open Space (Fountain)
Fountain Creek Regional Park (Fountain)
County-Wide Trail Improvements (all over!)

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The Bottom Line

Look for your mail-in ballot or get out on November 4 to vote yes for parks. Vote yes on 1A.

It’s the best $8.41 you’ll never miss. And if you’re a renter, you won’t miss anything!

(Photo is from Bear Creek Regional Park in southwest Colorado Springs in El Paso County, Colorado)

Full Text of the Ballot Question

“Shall the County of El Paso, Colorado be permitted to retain and expend $2,044,758 in excess revenue restricted only to fund improvements to trails, nature centers, regional parks such as Bear Creek, Black Forest, Falcon, Fountain Creek, Fox Run, Homestead Ranch and the Paint Mines and the County Fairgrounds, acquisition of and improvements to open space areas, and restoration of parks facilities and trails damaged by fires and floods for the benefit of all citizens in the cities, towns and unincorporated areas of El Paso County, with the understanding that such excess revenue would otherwise be refunded only to owners of taxable real property as a one-time $8.41 credit on property tax statements pursuant to the 2013 fiscal year spending limitations required by Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution?”