What a fine bit of marketing genius by a company I respect and patronize!

Amazon stole headlines all last weekend, on the eve of Cyber Monday 2013 (biggest online shopping day ever), with a primetime television feature on 60 Minutes and the release of the Amazon Prime Air video.


Amazon Prime Air Video


So what do we have here? We have the suggestion that delivery drone copters will bring Amazon packages to you within 30 minutes.

This suggestion drew predictably mixed reactions – from “Absolute nonsense! It simply can’t be done.” to “OMFG, this is the new sliced bread! Now pick me up off the floor so I can pass out again from the proper blend of befuddlement and elation that every member of the flock of consuming sheeple should be experiencing right now.”

Naturally, the extremes have little relationship with reality, so let’s take a few minutes to get real about the Amazon Prime Air video.

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