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On Right Living: The 3 Most Important Things You Can Be


When our son was born several years ago, I thought very much about the kind of person we’d like him to be. Which qualities and characteristics to cultivate. What “right” living looks like.

From that motivation came an elementary system to share with him – basic guidelines for “right” living. It had to be simple, but scalable. Approachable for a child, but meaningful enough to grow with him into adulthood.

The result: The Three Most Important Things You Can Be.

Review them, see a fourth addition, consider other systems, and share your own thoughts.

Give it a look for yourself. And consider its applications in parenting.

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Neuroeconomist Paul Zak on Morality in Market Economies

Neuroeconomist Paul Zak studies, writes, and speaks about the role oxytocin plays in trust. Trust, of course, is fundamental to productive societies and economies.

Below, find a 2009 episode of On Being with Krista Tippett featuring Zak, followed by a transcription of one of its many interesting passages.  The episode is especially interesting because the conversation took place during the market collapse often called The Great Recession.  The passage was chosen for its closing lines’ use of Aristotle’s virtue of magnificence and angle on prosperity and its “refudiation” of the idea that financial transactions and economic pursuits are unbecoming and base.

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