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Decision Making: Don’t Settle for False Choices


I greatly appreciate the work of Mitch Joel of Twist Image, a social media and marketing agency in Montreal, Quebec.  The Six Pixels of Separation book, blog, and podcast provide a steady stream of smart, interesting, and useful ideas.

Below is a simple graphic I made to demonstrate one of his best go-to lines; you’ll hear it regularly if you listen often.


Six Pixels of Separation, quote, Mitch, Joel, podcast, Everything is With, Not Instead of


What It Means To Me

The visual treatment of this quote was inspired by Continue reading

Invest in People: You Can’t Downsize Your Way to Success

The Setup

The easiest thing for companies to do in hard times is to eliminate jobs.  You read about this constantly as a reaction to lowered earnings, reduced margins, and dimmed prospects overall.  I saw this cycle frequently toward the end of my local television career: positions held open for a couple extra months, hiring freeze across all positions, buyouts of tenured people, then elimination of positions.

The cuts seem necessary and beneficial at the time, but it’s a long, slow death.  The expense cuts tend to mask deeper problems with value proposition, business model, or strategy.  People will ultimately be necessary to bring life back to the operation, to create and deliver its value.

Downsizing (or, the sadly hilarious “rightsizing”) seems to be a quick fix that immediately cuts expenses.  The problem: the benefits provided are short-term only. Continue reading

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