For the past several years, I’ve brought lunch to work in a cup, glass, Yeti, or another form of cylindrical, upright container. And I’ve often answered for it.

Curious people wonder:
Why? What’s in that? Why does it look that way? Does it taste as bad as it looks? What recipes do you use?

The short answers:
Health and nutrition. All kinds of things. Ingredients determine color and liquid determines texture. No, it’s usually great. None.

The longer answer:
In the spirit of one of my favorite content marketing tips*, I’ve addressed these questions with this Blender how to – a quick guide to better breakfasts and lunches.

*Aside: In your videos, emails, blog posts, and other channels, answer the frequently asked questions you’re getting. If some people have the question, others do, too – you can be the source for the information. And you can potentially save time by segmenting these FAQs and answers by types of people who ask or trigger points for asking and preemptively sending the answers before they’re even asked.


Blender How To: What You Need

Handheld slow motion video of the blender in action.


Before you get to the actual blend, of course, you must be prepared.

As mentioned above, I never use a recipe, but I try to keep basic ingredients on hand.

Among them …

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